I am a Bangladeshi, South Asian, Hindu, immigrant, medical student, liberal arts student, and feminist. The purpose of my blog is to write about issues, not limited to South Asian issues, from my viewpoint, which is informed by my experience as a Desi Feminist. I hope to add more Desi Feminists to the blog, so if you’re interested, let me know. Currently all the articles are written only by me unless otherwise noted.

Don’t take me seriously right now, as I’m not a doctor yet. By 2.75 years, I’d have released all my crazies on this blog and be prepared to save lives and change the world with a clear mind. Do trust me then.


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  1. knightleyemma Says:

    Hey ladies,

    If you are in the DC/MD/VA area, please check out my Yahoo! group. I started this group to meet more people of Bangladeshi heritage (whether they grew up in the US, Canada, UK, etc. ). You don’t have to be an expert on Bangladesh or Bengali to join. We can discuss online what we’d like to do, then eventually get together at a convenient DC location. If you want to be considered for membership, write some details about yourself: name, age, profession, why you want to join, interests, etc.


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