ISSUE 2) “I’m a cool white person, not the ‘white trash racist’ kind!” I know I’m not the only one who has heard this comment in one way or another. These cool young white folks readily separate themselves from the “wrong” kind of white people, i.e. the “white trash,” and have a number of colored friends they speak of. It’s not unusual for these colored friends to be of South Asian descent, since we so readily grow up and socialize with suburban Americans (whites), yet maintain out exotic status thanks to traditional parents and summer trips to South Asia. Many of these white folks love the “stuff white people like” blog, and few of them don’t, both for the wrong reasons. Some don’t like the blog because it’s a kind of “reverse racism,” a wrongful stereotype of white people that is unacceptable because stereotypes of colored people aren’t politically correct either. What these folks might not realize is that in reality, even they themselves recognize many cultural commonalities and group identities among people of different ethnicities, and white people are no different. If the blog was a hateful creation by colored people that would be one thing, but it’s written by white people, mostly for white people. Now to the white folks who love the SWPL blog – my issue with them is that as much fun as they poke at having their privileges, they are nonetheless complicit in them, and do little to change the inequal structure of society. I mean, it’s funny and all to read the blog entries, but now what? What use is the privilege to buy a Prius, various scarves, and bangs at the expensive hairdresser, if you’re not aware of the structural inequalities and not doing at least a little to change them? My biggest issue with “cool” white folks’ disassociation with “white trash” is that their racism is what hurts colored people the most!!! The “cool” white folks are the ones with both race and class privilege, and their ignorance is much harder to deal with than “white trash.” Firstly, why call people “trash?” Why make it even more obvious that you think of poor white people as garbage, that you don’t see beyond the stereotypes of Jerry Springer or Maury’s show, and that you focus on those stereotypes and not the struggles behind them? Sure, many poor whites are racists and have prejudices that Republicans make good political use of. But just as that racism hurts colored people of the same economic status and allows rich white people to divide and conquer, so does the ignorance (= racism) of the “cool” white friends agonize richer colored people. In some ways, the cool white folks’ racism is even more unacceptable considering the formal and social educational opportunities they get. I wish before making another ignorant comment some of them used their iPhones to find the evidence against their claims. Can POC get an iPhone application of anti-racist ammunition?