Not much to say here except that I’m can’t really fathom the situation. I can understand the anger of poorly paid BDR troops over corruption among upper level officers but I don’t realize how the situation got out of control. As I understand it, the mutineers didn’t plan on a violent attack but were ready to use violence. I can’t imagine what the family members of the murdered are going through. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the parents of the student killed from a stray bullet. Weapons definitely played a crucial role in the disaster. Weapons make it just that much easier for anger or aggression (justified or not) to get out of hand. This is what I’m concerned about when I want gun control. I understand that people have the right to defend themselves, but the risk of increased violence is just not worth that right. The more guns there are in the market, the more they end up in the hands of the wrong people, or the more likely it is that people use them without thinking. Of course gun control wouldn’t prevent a mutiny among armed soldiers, but I see this incident as an example of what could happen in a a society with lax laws about violence.

I feel guilty sitting thousands of miles away from Bangladesh writing superficially about a conflict I can’t even fathom. I pray for the victim’s families and I pray for the mutineers’ families since they’d have even more economic worries if their breadwinner is jailed.

Anyone link this mutiny with the general desperation many people are facing in this economic crisis? I don’t think it’s isolated. I think we need to think about better economic systems now. Coincidentally I just watched a lecture by Richard Wolff on It was interesting to say the least. – vidyarthi